Saturday, October 30, 2010

Main Level Framed

I never imagined things would move this fast. I keep waiting on things to slow down, but everyone keeps telling me that it will slow down when they begin working inside.

The main level is framed. They were working this morning putting the roof joists together and getting the basement stairs ready to be installed. That's good because its hard to climb in and out of the basement through the egress windows.

The framers think the roof will be on and the windows installed by Friday! Can't believe how fast this is moving along, but not complaining.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trusses & Sub-floor

We are completely amazed at how fast these contractors work - they are awesome! The floor trusses and sub-floor were installed today.

Sherman and McKenzie climbed into the basement through the egress window for pictures of the basement with the floor on:

Can't wait to see how it changes by tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Framing

The garage was partially framed today while the framers were waiting on the floor trusses to be delivered. When we arrived at the site around 5:30, the trusses had just been delivered. Tomorrow's weather is suppose to be better than today so I'm excited to see what gets completed tomorrow.

Standing water in the basement after the storms today 

Dad will be happy to know that the floor drains in the garage work well. The framers opened them up after the storms this morning to allow the large amount of standing water to drain.

More to come tomorrow.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Basement is Framed

The framing of the basement started on Friday, 10/22. When I got there at 6:00 the framers were still working trying to get most of it completed before they stopped. Today, the framing was completed and the floor joists are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. There's a lot of wood out on the lot, including the sub floor, so things are moving very quick at this point.

We're hoping the weather holds this week!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Basement and Garage floors poured!

Today, our basement and garage floors were poored, egress window wells were put in, and the backfill is done. We didn't get out there soon enough to write in the concrete though so we'll have to do that in the driveway. Framing is suppose to start on Friday so it will begin to look more like a house rather than an underground holding cell.

Dad, this picture is just for you (see below)

We met another neighbor tonight and getting excited to move in! More to come on Friday.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ready for garage and basement floor

It's been a while since I've updated - Sherman tells me I'm suppose to do this everyday, but I can't seem to keep up. A lot has happened since my last post - The basement wall forms were put in place:

It was soon after these were up, they poored the basement walls and removed the forms:

(Sydney's bedroom window)

(Kenzie's bedroom window)
All of the above happened last week. This week, they've sealed the basement walls, set the plumbing, put down the gravel, and we're ready for concrete!

Things are moving much quicker now a days so I'll have to make a better effort to get out there daily to take pictures. It will be even more exciting to see the framing start, which should be soon!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update - 1 week in

Well, it's been just over 1 week since we broke ground. The last time I updated, I was sitting in a hotel room in Washington, DC. Since then, I've been able to play in the dirt and gravel. It's a little disappointing how slow this process is. We had hoped that the basement walls would have been poured today and I believe it's suppose to rain tomorrow. We'll hope for good weather and that the remainder of the forms can be put in place so the concrete can be poured. Below are some pictures of the progress made as of tonight - these pictures were taken yesterday, 10/11, and today, 10/12.

Our makeshift stairs

Struggled getting in and out of this in heels

Bar Area

Forms for basement walls

More forms on the truck

In heels so decided not to climb the makeshift stairs....

Forms in the basement area


As soon as more happens, will update the blog.